Full Send Merch By Nelk Boys

Full Send is the merch launched by Neck, also known as Nelk boys. They are famous for their prank videos, vlogs, and their full send merch that provides good quality and unique design merch items. The merch was launched in 2021, and soon it became very popular among fans. There are a series of different designs and themes that you can get at this merch. 

If you are a fan of Nelk or watch his videos, you should definitely get the merch item because after wearing this, you will look smart and feel comfortable. Let’s discuss the full send merch.

What Do We Offer At Full Send Official Store

There are a series of Full Send Merch items at our Fmerchandise.com store that you can get. There are various designs, colors, and themes available at our merch, and you get any item you want. All the items are designed with high-quality material, and you should not worry even a little about quality. These are the most popular items that we offer:

Full Send Hoodies

Hoodies are the primary item in any merchandise because of their popularity among the youths. Full Send offers a range of hoodies that you can get in any style and design. They are best suited for the autumn and spring, and you would feel comfortable in them. We have Full Send Hoodies in every size, from small to XXL, and you can order what you want. The material used in these hoodies is 50/50 cotton and polyester, so you get the softness and comfortability simultaneously. Brick Graffiti Full Send Hoodie  , Cartoon Full Send Hoodie, Full Send Podcast Hoodie, and New York Happy Dad Full Send Hoodie are some of the most popular hoodie themes to try at full send.

Full Send T-Shirts

T-shirts are best suited for the summer season, and if you live in a hot area, then Full Send t-shirts are going to serve you well in providing you with looks, style, and comfort at the same time. These are made from 90/10 cotton polyester so that you would get the full comfort. These Full Send T-Shirts are simple yet attractive and are guaranteed no color fading. You get the best design and best quality when you shop from our store.

Full Send Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts and mercy are known to exist together, and there is no denying it. Full Send offers the best quality sweatshirts that are made of 50/50 cotton and polyester material and have the most attractive designs that you can get. These Full Send Sweatshirts are pre-shrunk, so you would not have to waste time on them, and they will provide you with the perfect classic fit. They are made with the Air-jet spun yarn that provides a soft and comfortable feel and reduces pilling. By wearing these merch sweatshirts, you will look amazing and feel relaxed. Back On Death Row  , Deathrow Full Send Sweatshirt, G Thang Full Send Sweatshirt, Plant Life Sweatshirt, Sticky Greens Sweatshirt, Snoop Dogg Photo Sweatshirt, and Set-Up Full Send Sweatshirt are some of the best and most popular themes.

The Quality Of Full Send Merch

The best part about the full send merch, besides the attractive and unique design, is the quality of the merch items. All the items of the merch are designed with the certified process, and there do not cause any kind of harm to the environment. Moreover, the material is selected after the quality inspection process, and no harmful chemicals are included in the manufacturing process that can harm your skin or are dangerous to your health. You will get the best quality merch made from a natural material perfect for all senses.

Our Custom Service

Full send is a customer-oriented company that provides preferences to our customers. You can contact us anytime for your queries and complaints, and we will solve them with top preferences. You can also get information about the product you want and the upcoming items.

Shipping And Discount 

A discount offer is available on the selected items of the merchandise that ranges from 40 to 50 percent off. The fans are eager to get their favorite items, and huge demand is observed in the sale. If you want to get the benefits of the sale offer, then visit our store to get the premium sales discount and high variety. 

The shipping of the merch items is kept minimum, and if you shop for more than one item, then you get a chance for free shipping along with other perks and offers.

Why Choose Full Send Merchandise?

If you are a fan of Nelk Boys and their Youtube videos, then you will find this merch amazing and exciting. Many merch items are available in various themes, so you get the full variety. All the items in our stores are designed with the highest quality standard and do not pose any risk to your health or environment. You can enjoy this merch in any season because we offer t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, so you can grab anything you want. Our stores offer huge discount offers, and the prices are most affordable. Also, you will get the benefits of free shipping if you order multiple items. So visit our store and shop happily.